Clutter a Danger to Health

Clutter poses a serious risk to both physical and mental wellbeing, as well as being visually frustrating. Here are some of the major health concerns it can induce:

Clutter causes stress

A messy environment can be mentally and emotionally distressing. This in turn affects productivity and can leave people feeling anxious. It also results in more items being lost and people taking more time to get things done.

Clutter stores dust which triggers allergies

Dust is the trigger for a range of allergies and is particularly dangerous for people with lung and heart problems and conditions such as asthma.

Clutter attracts pests

Pests such as cockroaches, rats and flies thrive in clutter filled environments. These pests in turn spread bacteria that can lead to serious health problems. Damp, mouldy areas also encourage rodents and insects while being bad for our health.

Fire and injury hazards

Stacks of paper lying around can act as fuel for any emerging fire. Toys and other items left lying around can also cause people to fall over and injure themselves.

An organised space is not only more healthy, it also gives people peace of mind.




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