Our expertise protects your home from flying, CRAWLING and furry pests

Our expertise protects your home from flying, CRAWLING and furry pests

Protecting your home from pests is a process, not a one time event. Our highly trained technicians and award winning pest control service will keep even the most stubborn pests at bay. Our equipment and products are ultra-modern and effective, as well as being safe for your family, pets and the environment.

When you call Competitive Pest Control Services, not only are you protecting your home and family from pests, you’re also ensuring they’re safe from nasty chemicals.

Crawling Insects & Pests


Foraging worker ants cause a nuisance as they travel widely in search of food, following well-defined trails and clustering around the food source. They are attracted to sweet or fatty substances in kitchens, pantries, storerooms and warehouses. In hospitals they have been found feeding on septic dressings, soiled linen and excrement. They are obviously an unpleasant sight in food areas and may damage or taint food intended for human consumption.

Ants are the most prolific and successful group of insects. Their nests can be found almost anywhere and often only with the help of expert pest control technicians.

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Bed Bugs

Bed Bug infestations are notoriously difficult to beat, without the careful inspection and treatment by a professional pest control technician, followed by a thorough, comprehensive treatment of all infested and adjoining areas.

Infestations are often detected by the welts and irritation caused by the bites, and the fecal smears and blood spots visible on pillowcases, sheets and mattresses. Typical hiding places are in the tufts, folds and seams of mattresses, and cracks in the box springs and bed frame. Heavier infestations often spread to behind baseboards, window and door casings, pictures, electrical switch plates, loose wallpaper, and in furniture upholstery and the pleats of drapes.

If you suspect you have a bed bug problem, please call us today.

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Cockroaches generally don’t like light and if found in the home will be more common at night, usually darting away when you enter the room. If a large infestation is in the home, there is often a distinct odour. Droppings and vomit marks are normally visible on cupboards and hinges inside cupboards and drawers. The Australian cockroach is a very good flyer but mostly during warmer weather and prefers warmer climates, however it can survive indoors during colder weather as long as water is available, so warm, moist conditions are ideal.

They’re prolific breeders and if you see the signs, a thorough pest treatment needs to be done before the problem gets worse.

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Fleas are an annoying insect that feed on the blood from animals including humans in their adult form. There are over 70 species in Australia but the most common are the cat and dog fleas. Most of their life cycle actually occurs off the pet, and they can lie dormant in their cocoons for several months waiting for any vibrations that may stir them into activity. It’s a common misperception that grass fleas or sand fleas are a different species. These fleas are just fleas that have been deposited onto the ground by the pet. If there are five on your pet there are usually many more out in the yard.

The adult flea can survive for over four months without a single blood feed and successful eradication often involves a treatment by a qualified pest technician.

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Silverfish have a long slender body, flattened and normally 13-25mm, giving them a fish like appearance. They completely lack wings and have two antennae which move side to side like a fish, cannot climb smooth surfaces and are nocturnal. They can typically live for two to four years, prefering warmer temperatures and will die in heat over 40 degrees.

When indoors they can be found in roof and wall cavities, subfloors and in cupboards. They will eat foods like rolled oats, sugar, synthetic fibres. They can go for long periods of time without food, and signs of feeding are not obvious. They are fast and agile insects and this sometimes contributes to their downfall, as they often become trapped in bathtubs.

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The formidable appearance and size of spiders makes them the most feared of all the creepy crawlies. However most spiders are harmless and avoid people. Among the most common found in Australia are the:
- Red Back
- Black House Spider
- Huntsman
- Funnel Web
- White Tail
- Daddy Long Legs.

You can read about each of these in more detail below to help identify them.

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Ticks are common in many parts of Myanmar and can even be found around the garden. They have mouthpiece like a beak and a body the shape of a pear, ranging is size from 1.2mm as larvae to 4mm as adults. Due to their small size they can be difficult to see until engorged by blood feeding.

They require a host to feed, which can often mean the family dog or cat. Ticks usually do not climb higher than around 50cm in the vegetation and there is no evidence to suggest that they fall out of trees. If you live in a Tick prone area, keeping the garden free of dead vegetation and the lawn mown short will reduce the likelihood of an infestation, with regular professional pest control treatments.

Read more about the dangers of ticks.

Pantry Pests

Pantry moths, such as the Indian meal moth are attracted to foodstuff as a place to lay eggs and feed, including dry goods, grains, nuts, flours, spices, and chocolate. The extent of moth damage depends on the degree of infestation. A large population in the house can be quite costly, where large amounts of food may need to be thrown away due to contamination from pantry moth webbing, cocoons, and droppings.

Often the first signs of pantry moths are too late to avoid contamination. Regular inspections and baits are an effective method of prevention.







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Local team, expert knowledge

We live where we work, and we pride ourselves on old-fashioned service. Our friendly technicians will arrive on time, in time, every time. work efficiently and won’t leave a mess.

With 25 years experience in residential pest control, providing ant, cockroach, rat, spider, bedbug control and removal and much more. We really understand pests around the home and yard. We know where to look to find even the sneakiest pests making a home in your home, and we know the safest, most effective methods to send them packing.










Safe for families and pets

We work with the latest in safe pest control technologies and treatments, keeping your family and pets safe. Our professionally trained technicians use targeted solutions at the source of the problem to keep bugs out and keep your home a place for healthy living.

Our ISO1401 certification for environmental impact management and HACCP food safety certification means you can trust Competitive Pest Control Services care about the safety and protection of your home.


All our treatments are environmentally friendly, because we love the Earth as much as you do. Our expertise enables us to keep chemical application to a minimum to keep the pests away, and we’re 100% carbon neutral.

Safe for kids & pets

Our technicians use only the safest, environmentally friendly treatments available in and around your home, to keep pests at bay giving you peace of mind as the kids continue to play in a safe and healthy environment.

Safe Pest Control

There’s more to effective pest control than chemicals. We target our applications to the source of the problem from enhanced inspections to exclusion methods followed by protection.

highly trained Professional technicians

highly trained Professional technicians

With 25 years in business you know we take pest control seriously. And that means training our technicians in the latest technologies and methods, continuously evaluating our solutions, performance and customer satisfaction. All Competitive Pest Services technicians undergo our professional training for pest control and customer service. Not only are they good. They’re friendly and neat.

Our team of professionals are trained in:

ENHANCED INSPECTION METHODS, for residential properties and yards.

EXCLUSION TECHNIQUES, to block the passages even the smallest of pests use to find their way into your home and property.

EXPERT PROTECTION, to effectively eradicate the pests already in your home.



With Competitive Pest Control Services you’ll never have to worry about paying for a job that hasn’t been done.

If you’re not satisfied with our services, we’ll not only give you your money back, we’ll return it to you twofold. That’s right: you’ll not only receive a full refund, we’ll also pay to have your pest problem sorted by our competition.

We’re always trying to raise the standard of service, it’s one of the reasons we were name Australian Pest Manager of the Year four times in the past six years. When you employ our services, you know your pest problem will soon be a distant memory. What could be more satisfying than that?


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Very polite, very helpful and excellent follow up.
Nimalan Govender
Nimalan Govender
22:30 21 Jan 18
We were really impressed by the service provided by Competitive Pest Services. We had a vile slug problem in our home. Slugs can be extremely dangerous (esp with babies crawling) as they can carry a deadly parasite Rat Lung Worm - CPS were one of the only pest companies I found to provide a slug service, understand the risks of rat lung worm and had even written an article about it. BUT... it didn't end there - we were impressed with everything aspect of their service - from the articles I found on website on rat lung worm and slugs, to great contemporary website interface, prompt customer service including booking confirmation emails and sms appointment reminders, polite phone manner, and of course the pest inspector Andrew. Also - amazing value for money with a winter deal they had going for rat treatment as well. It's the sort of service you'd never expect from a trade company. Highly recommended. read more
Jacqui Scruby
Jacqui Scruby
06:56 15 Sep 14
Very happy with this company. I had a serious problem with ticks in the garden. I have had no tick bites since they treated it 4 months ago. They dealt with it very punctually, efficiently and were very reasonably priced. I would highly recommend them to anybody and will be using them again. My neighbours are all intending to use them.I used them as I found them when looking for pest controls and they were one of the few that mentioned ticks and I also loved their quirky website.. read more
Margaret Besley
Margaret Besley
02:06 22 Jul 14
These guys took care of our cockroaches quickly and without hassle. Very well priced and great service. Thanks guys.read more
Ollie de Vries
Ollie de Vries
11:08 03 Oct 13
We were unlucky to find ourselves in a terrible situation when a visiting family member introduced bed bugs to our home and to complicate things even further, my wife was also 8 months pregnant.When we discovered the bug, my wife went into a frenzy of panic as we are aware the difficulties of managing bedbugs. She rang many pest control companies that day, however none offered service even close to Competitive Pest Control’s standard. They were just so far above the standard of the previous companies we had contacted.It started by the amazing representative on the phone who diffused my wife’s panic and distress by demonstrating empathy and actively listening to every concern that she had. Additionally, she was extremely knowledgeable and she explained everything thoroughly, particularly relating to the confusion between the huge price differences and the different types of treatments that we had been quoted throughout the day. We decided to go with Competitive Pest Control simply based on this excellent service, however it didn’t stop there. Once we stated we were interested in going ahead, she immediately referred us to the General Manager, Matt due to the fact that my wife was so heavily pregnant. Matt decided that he would cancel his golf game that day and drive to Sydney (at least 2 hours+) and handle this one himself. We are so thankful that Matt gave up his golf day to address our problem. He turned up on time (always a bonus for any at-home services) and is one of the nicest men you’ll ever meet. He showed genuine concern for my wife and our situation and I knew at that point, we had chosen the right company.Matt was so incredibly thorough in his inspection, he went into every single nook and cranny in the house, every seam in every piece of fabric and kept me completely informed of everything he was doing. He was at our home for many hours and did not stop until he was absolutely satisfied that he had addressed our bedbug issue.He carefully explained post treatment instructions and has since followed up twice to ensure we are 100% satisfied.I cannot speak highly enough of Matt and Competitive Pest Control team.read more
Steven Valentine
Steven Valentine
09:01 30 Jan 18
We've used CPS twice now, and both times I've been super impressed with their service and price. They're super friendly and helpful, and they do a great job.read more
Humyara Mahbub
Humyara Mahbub
07:01 04 Apr 18
Mick came here today because I had a giant wasp nest hanging on my outside window frame. In minutes he fixed the problem. He was very friendly, punctual and professional. I definitely recommend him!!read more
Munchy Films
Munchy Films
00:55 13 Apr 18
Great service as always! Eddie was very professional, arrived on time and was quick. Keep up the good work.read more
Andrea Kirk
Andrea Kirk
00:54 26 Nov 18
These guys are always amazing! I used them when I lived in Ashfield, and again when I moved to Homebush. They're always so polite and courteous, plus I always get amazing results from their sprays. Could not recommend enough!read more
Rachael Wah Day
Rachael Wah Day
05:08 22 Feb 19
Fantastic experience. Very easy to deal with from start to finish. Friendly technician who completes the job efficiently and the price is as promised. No hidden costs. Very happy.read more
Lauren Beuvink
Lauren Beuvink
06:43 09 May 19
Been using this company for the past 4 years and every year the service has been impeccable. Always polite and helpful. Love that they come back and respray if you still see spiders or cockroaches.read more
23:42 16 Feb 20
Always been very thorough and never had a problem in the last 4 years with annual treatment of our unit. We have a dog and a baby and very happy with the environmentally friendly spray they useread more
Sophie Roche Souris
Sophie Roche Souris
01:34 13 Feb 20
This company is one of the best you will ever deal with. They are all about PROFESSIONALISM! I have been using them for more then a decade (s?), they are always on time, the technicians are always polite & knowledgeable and any problems (within reason of course) they will come back and sort out. Had Corey yesterday morning for Pest Spray, Baiting & Termite Inspection - brilliant. He gave me good solid feedback, was punctual, friendly and polite. See you same time next year.read more
Debra Andrews
Debra Andrews
21:49 05 Nov 19
Thanks for doing such a great job Royce - very professional and friendly. Highly recommend!read more
nieve mccarthy
nieve mccarthy
21:46 29 Jan 20
Thank you Royce for doing such a great job, you were efficient, considerate and super friendly!read more
Marjorie T.
Marjorie T.
10:55 14 Dec 19
I am very happy with the service provided by Competitive Pest Services. We initially had a comprehensive pest treatment for moths, ants and cockroaches, which was great. The moths, however, proved to be persistent, returning within a few weeks. One of the technicians, Allan, came back to see what more could be done. He was wonderful; a true expert. He took the time to get to the bottom of the issue, and great care to ensure all steps were taken to make certain the case was fully resolved to our satisfaction. Kayleigh in the office was also very helpful and responsive. I couldn’t recommend Competitive Pest Services more highly. Ask for Allan, he was brilliant!read more
Vicki Forbes
Vicki Forbes
05:14 30 Mar 20
Efficient, friendly and very knowledgeable. Very happy to explain things along the way. Highly recommended.read more
Jamie Palmer
Jamie Palmer
05:24 14 May 20
I’ve used CPS 4 times now for preventative care pre & post summer and every time the technicians have visited they have all been really friendly, understanding and educational in their manner & reports - 5 Star service!read more
Lucy Holbrow
Lucy Holbrow
07:43 07 Apr 20
Cory did our job today and he was brilliant. Took the time he needed and found all the spots people before him had missed! Going to request him next time.read more
Peta Morgan
Peta Morgan
03:39 17 Apr 20
Excellent service, I have used them for a few years and every person who has come out has been so lovely to deal with & very polite. The product always does a good job as well & I like that if you have anything re appear they come back out to treat the area with no hassle.read more
Maryjean Whyte
Maryjean Whyte
06:45 20 May 20
Our pest controller was so lovely and pleasant. He came a little early but appropriately adjusted. I found him to be very informative, he knew his stuff and I could tell that he made sure he was tackling all the spots without rushing. We’ve noticed an almost immediate impact after less than a week. Highly recommend. Thank you CPS.read more
Tim Castle
Tim Castle
05:51 26 May 20
CPS technician John attended job that I requested . He was amazing , actually he remembered that he was at my place year or so ago and what was a problem . His attention to details are very satisfying . If I could pick I would ask for him to come back as my yearly pest control. CSP are pleasant to deal with while I need bookings, and I have been using them a few years now . Price is reasonableread more
Maja Popic
Maja Popic
04:10 27 May 20
AAAAA++++ very satisfied with their work I introduced to 3 friends and they also using CPC.read more
『 fLaMiNgO-GiRl 』
『 fLaMiNgO-GiRl 』
06:36 21 Jun 20
The whole process from the initial enquiry to the work being completed was a smooth and seamless process. We had Adam from CPS in Adelaide come through for a General Spray. Adam went above and beyond. He was punctual, polite and took the time to do a thorough job. He noticed that we had a couple of wasp nests hidden, and even got rid of those for us.Super happy with the service and we will be happy to recommend CPS to friends and family going forward.read more
Have been using CPS for many years now. They do a great job. Dave was very helpful. He gave me good tips on how to maintain control over pests like cockroaches and brown ants coming into the house. Also the person who took the booking was very friendly and I was pleased about the inside house only price. Highly recommend CPS.read more
Emma Doran
Emma Doran
12:34 12 Feb 22
Dave was very professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. He asked a range of questions to understand our spaces and was very informative about how the pest treatment works and what to do following the treatment for best results. We have used CPS regularly over the last 5 years and Dave has been the best specialist we have had.read more
Anika Zaman
Anika Zaman
02:39 20 Jan 22
Zac from CPS came to do our termite inspection and cockroach spray and was really professional and helpful. He was very thorough but also really proactive in his suggestions of how to fix issues before they become too problematic. Highly recommend CPS, always happy with the service.read more
Lindsay Reed
Lindsay Reed
03:36 11 Feb 22
Customer Average Rating for February 20189.2 out of 10