Different Personalities of Cockroaches Lead to Evolutionary Success

When studying the way cockroaches act out in the open, scientists have concluded that they are not all the same, but have different personality types, reports The Guardian. This new study gives clues to the evolutionary success of these “gregarious insects”.

The two characteristics were classified as “shy or cautious” and “bold or explorers”. Cockroaches classified as shy kept hidden as much as possible and seek the safety of shelter when out in the open. The bold cockroaches were a lot more adventurous and were more keen on exploring their surroundings.

Different personalities are believed to help the survival, since when disaster strikes, the different personality types drives different behaviour. This increases the chances of at least some of the some of the species surviving. In the wild, the adventurous cockroaches have a better chance of finding food, while also a higher chance of being preyed on.



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