Fleas Cause Severe Reaction in Some Pets

Some pets suffer from severe reactions to flea bites.

The condition is known as Flea Bite Hypersensitivity (FAD) and causes severe discomfort for our pets. Dogs usually respond by biting their own backs over their tail, along with the inside of their legs and stomach.

The behaviour leads to bleeding, scabs, a loss of hair and sores.

Cats will often lick until their skin is bald and also develop sores.

Although the condition is not fatal, there is no cure for it. Pets suffering from FAD need treatment to ease the itching. This in turn will  stop them from scratching themselves and give their skin a chance to recover.

Some animals will also require antibiotics to treat infections caused by the scratching.

Animals that suffer from FAD need to be protected from exposure to fleas as much as possible.

People should use pest control treatments to eliminate fleas from the animal’s living environment. Other pets in the home also need to be treated to ensure they are not carrying fleas.

Source: http://www.thereporter.com.au/news/some-pets-react-terribly-to-fleas/1957553/



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