Time of Year for Flying Termites

It is very common from November to February or March to find swarms of flying termites hovering around in search of a mate and to begin a new colony. Unlike most termites that we are familiar with which are quite pale in colour, almost transparent, wingless and are blind, these flying termites, or alates, are specifically produced reproductives with black pigment, wings and eyes.

During this time of year, when weather conditions are right, several thousand reproductive termites that have been preparing for the flight of their life will leave the nest at dusk, usually after rains when the weather is very humid. These reproductive termites have been given the best foods and have been well taken care of for the past few months while they grow wings for the sole purpose of finding a mate of the opposite sex and setting up a home in a decayed log or stump.

When finding yourself surrounded by thousands of winged termites, it is imperative to not panic and stay calm. It is important to be on alert and see where they are coming from. Do not be alarmed unless there are alates flying out of holes in your walls, cracks in your ceiling or from under your house. If you can, collect a few samples and put them in something like a ziplock bag to store in your freezer.

However, if you do notice the alates actually emerging from your home, it is a cause of concern. It means that this is already an active, large colony of termites working on your house. It is vital that you book in a full termite inspection so that a qualified technician can investigate the extent of infestation and give you advice on how to proceed from there. Remember that in that case, time is of the essence and it is essential to act quickly.



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