Tips to Keep the Garden Free of Pests

There are a range of steps people should take to control garden pests, depending on what animal or insect in particular is responsible.


There are many animals such as frogs and toads that enjoy eating mosquitoes. These creatures should be nurtured and protected as much as possible.

Mosquitoes gestate in still water, so bodies of standing water should be removed or replenished regularly. For example, birdbaths should be replaced around once a week.

You can also utilise waterfalls or fountains to replace still water in order to inhibit mosquito larvae.


Cucumber peels placed greenside down can help deter ants – they hate its bitter taste!


Crops should be protected with fencing at least a metre high and six inches deep.

A homemade mixture of blood meal, pepper, some hair, rotten eggs and water can also be sprayed near crops to deter them.


Wasp traps should be filled with bait made up of fruit juice and water. Fake wasp nests can also help deter new populations from settling in.




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