Highest concentration of Diving Tarantula’s found in the Northern Territory.

Hidden from outsiders and deep within lands controlled by traditional Aboriginal owners an estimated 25,000 diving tarantulas live along a 10 kilometre stretch of floodplain. The head of Queensland’s Museum’s arachnological division, Dr Robert Raven believes that there are more species of Tarantulas in the Northern Territory than any other state and it creates a special opportunity to research and possibly unlock a medical miracle.

Dr Raven said to ABC that any venomous creature that could infect a vertebrate had a “significant potential” to be a source of a valuable pharmaceutical that could benefit the entire community as the entire intellectual property belongs to them.

Little is known about the species is it can swim, coating itself in air bubbles to breath underwater and access its burrow when submerged during the wet season. It is unknown why such great numbers live closely together in a relatively small area, where the young live and can be found elsewhere the Territory.



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