Making LED Light Bulbs Less Attractive to Insects to Help Prevent Disease

Travis Longcore who is a professor of spatial sciences at the University of Southern California is working with Royal Philips, a Dutch electronics company, to develop bulbs that will be less attractive to insects.

The idea is “an energy-efficient bulb that has a comfortable colour temperature and minimizes insect attraction, solving all of these problems together.” Said Dr. Longcore to NY Times.

By making LED light bulbs give off less blue light they hope it may be able help protect people from insect-borne diseases such as Malaria, Leishmaniosis, Chagas and other diseases. They are transmitted by Mosquitoes, sand flies and the kissing bugs who are attracted to the blue wavelengths of the oldest and cheapest LED bulbs, which were created by putting a phosphor coating on a blue diode.



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