Bird droppings are highly corrosive and can easily damage boat finishes, decking and canvas.


The longer bird droppings are left on surfaces, the greater the damage and the harder it is to remove, not no mention the costs associated. Boats that are stored in storage sheds and warehouses are subject to this type of damage if the storage shed or warehouse has perches for birds to roost and nest.

The buildup of bird droppings can also be slippery, leaving marina and boat owners liable for injuries caused by falls. There are also more than 60 diseases that can be transmitted from birds to humans, primarily though contact with bird droppings.




Bird netting is the only permanent solution for stopping birds from perching and leaving them no other choice but to find another home. It is often necessary to install bird netting on the sides of the walls as well as under the roof in this type of environment.

At Competitive Pest Services we will not recommend visual or noise deterrent systems because we know from experience that these methods are short term solutions. Eventually birds will become familiar with the change in their environment and return to their normal practices – dropping faeces on the boats below!